Glossary H

- Huntington’s chorea : Huntington's chorea is another name for Huntington's disease which refers to a fatal genetic neurologic disorder whose onset is in middle age; A genetic, autosomal dominant progressive subcortical dementia that inflicts devastating motor impairment in the form of chorea, as well as cognitive decline on adults in the prime of their lives. (see Huntington's disease)

Huntington’s disease or HD refers to a genetic disorder marked by involuntary limb movements and progressing to dementia ; a progressive and degenerative disease that causes difficulties in cognition , emotion , and movement. Moreover, Huntington's disease is defined as hereditary condition causing dementia that involves a widespread deterioration of the subcortical brain structures and parts of the frontal cortex that control motor movements. It is characterized initially by jerky arm movements and facial twitches and later by tremors, writhing movements, and psychological symptoms, including depression, memory impairment , hallucinations , and delusions. Huntington’s disease is also called Huntington’s chorea .

Hustler refers to a male sex worker who sells his services to men.

hwa-byung is a Korean syndrome attributed to a suppression of anger. Its symptoms can include insomnia , fatigue , panic , fear of impending death, indigestion, labored breathing, and generalized aches and pains.

Hyaline cartilage refers to articular cartilage which covers the end of bones at diarthrodial joints to provide a cushioning effect and reduce friction during movement.

Hydraulic theory refers to the theory that unexpressed emotions build up pressure and must be expressed to relieve that pressure
Hydrocele refers to a condition in which there is an excessive accumulation of fluid within the tissue surrounding the testicle, which causes a scrotal mass.

Hydrocyanic acid refers to a poisonous acid produced by treating a cyanide with an acid; one of the products of cigarette smoke.

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