Glossary H

Harridan refers to an ill-tempered, scolding woman.

- Harvey Carr (1873-1954) : Harvey Carr refers to an early Functionalistic psychologist at the University of Chicago.

Hash oil is defined as a potent distillate of marijuana or hashish . It first appeared in the United States in1971 and can contain up to 60% THC

Hashish is defined as a drug produced from the resin that covers the flowers of the cannabis hemp plant. The resin generally contains a greater concentration of the drug’s psychoactive properties

Hassle (Microstressor) is defined as any distressing, day-to-day annoyance.

Hatha-yoga refers to a type of Yoga that deals with the physiological discipline required in separating the self from thought processes.

Hawthorne effect is defined as a change in behavior due simply to the experimenter's paying attention to the participants rather than to the effects of the independent variable. It is the the condition in which performance in an experiment is affected by the knowledge of participants that they are in an experiment. Hawthorne effect, moreover, is a a change in behavior that occurs when individuals know they are being studied by researchers. When employees change their behavior due solely to the fact that they are receiving attention or are being observed, it is called Hawthorne effect. Please see Demand characteristics

Hawthorne studies refer to a series of studies conducted at the Western Electric plant in Hawthorne, Illinois, that have come to represent any change in behavior when people react to a change in the environment.

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