Glossary H

Harem is the abbreviation of the Turkish word "Harêmlik" (Harâm in Arabic) which means "women’s quarters" or "sanctuary"

Harm reduction in the psychology context is an approach aimed at minimizing the negative consequences associated with risky or problematic behaviors, particularly those related to substance use and addiction. This approach acknowledges that complete abstinence may not always be achievable and focuses on reducing the harm that these behaviors can cause to individuals and communities. Harm reduction strategies include providing access to clean needles for intravenous drug users, safe injection sites, and education on safer sex practices. It is an important framework in psychology, public health, and addiction treatment.

Harm-reduction model refers to an approach to treating substance use disorders that views alcohol use as normative behavior and focuses education on the immediate risks of the excessive use of alcohol, likealcohol-related accidents and on the payoffs of moderation, as in avoidance of hangovers

Harpy refers to a predatory person. Also refers to a a bad-tempered woman. Harpy is after the the monsters in Greek mythology, which had a woman's head and a bird's body called Harpies. The gods ordered the Harpies to snatch food from Phineus, a king who was punished for revealing secrets.
Harridan refers to an ill-tempered, scolding woman.

- Harvey Carr (1873-1954) : Harvey Carr refers to an early Functionalistic psychologist at the University of Chicago.
Hash oil is defined as a potent distillate of marijuana or hashish. It first appeared in the United States in1971 and can contain up to 60% THC

Hashish is defined as a drug produced from the resin that covers the flowers of the cannabis hemp plant. The resin generally contains a greater concentration of the drug’s psychoactive properties