Glossary H

Hacking is defined as the willful and malicious penetration of someone's computer system to achieve some purpose

Hackney and Cormier presented eight (8) characteristics of effective helping: self -awareness and understanding, good psychological health , sensitivity, open–mindedness, objectivity, competence , trustworthiness, and interpersonal attractiveness .

Hacktivism refers to the activity of hacking into computer systems

Hades refers to the kingdom of the dead in Homer's Odyssey which is the place where one goes after death according to some ancient Greek thought; a dreary place

Haggard means looking gaunt or exhausted, as from fatigue , suffering, hunger, age, stress , and many more.

Hair cell refers to type of sensory receptor shaped like a hair; receptor cells within the cochlea that transduce vibrations into nerve impulses. Hair cells are neuron in the cochlea that contains small hairs, or cilia , that are displaced by vibration of the basilar membrane and fluids inside the inner ear . Auditory receptors are Hair cells. There are two kinds of Hair cells: inner and outer.

Half-life is defined as the amount of time that must pass for the amount of drug in the body to be reduced by half

Halfway house refers to a community treatment facility designed for deinstitutionalized clients leaving a hospital who are not yet ready for independent living.

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