Glossary H

Halfway houses refer to organizations that offer people with long-term mental-health problems a structured, supportive environment in which to live while they re-establish a job and ties to their friends and family . Halfway house is a community-based facility for individuals making the transition from an institution, such as mental hospital, prison, and so forth to independent living. Halfway house, moreover, is a community treatment facility designed for de-institutionalized clients leaving a hospital who are not yet ready for independent living.

Hallucination refers to an abnormal sensory experience that arises in the absence of a direct external stimulus, and which has the qualities of a normal percept and is experienced as real and usually in external space.

Hallucinations refer to sensory or perceptual experiences that happen without any external stimulus

hallucinogen refers to any psychoactive substance , such as LSD or marijuana , that can produce delusions , hallucinations , paranoia , and altered sensory perception

hallucinogen use disorder refers to cognitive , biological, behavioral, and social problems associated with the use and abuse of hallucinogenic substances , such as LSD and marijuana .

Hallucinogenic drugs are drugs that grossly distort perception, such as LSD
Hallucinogenics refer to drugs that give rise to hallucinations .

Halo effect refers to the tendency to generalize a favorable or unfavorable first impression to unrelated details of person

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