Glossary H

- HDL (High-density lipoprotein) : HDL (High-density lipoprotein ) is a form of lipoprotein that confers some protection against coronary artery disease; chemicals that help keep arteries clear and break down LDLs

HDL cholesterol is the acronym of High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) , a cholesterol that is transported in the blood via high-density proteins; related to low risk of heart disease.

Head may be defined as the prominent, rounded projection of the proximal end of a bone, usually articulating, such as the humeral or femoral head.

Head parameter refers to a grammatical feature that specifies the position of the head of a phrase, noun in noun phrase, verb in verb phrase, and so on,.
Head Start is defined as a large-scale pre-school educational program designed to provide children from low-income families with a variety of social and intellectual experiences that might better prepare them for school.

Head Start programs refer to primary prevention, early childhood programs designed to prepare pre-school children from disadvantaged backgrounds for elementary school by focusing on their basic learning skills, among other things.

head trauma refers to an injury to the head and, therefore, to the brain, typically caused by accidents which can lead to cognitive impairments, including memory loss.

Head-of-the-table effect refers to the tendency for group members to associate the leadership role and its responsibilities with the seat located at the head of the table; as a result, individuals who occupy such positions tend to emerge as leaders in groups without designated leaders.