Glossary H

Hallucinogenics refer to drugs that give rise to hallucinations.

Halo effect refers to the tendency to generalize a favorable or unfavorable first impression to unrelated details of person

Halo error refers to a type of rating error that occurs when raters allow either a single attribute or an overall impression of an individual to Affect the ratings that they make on e

Halstead-Reitan battery refers to the most widely used Neuropsychological test battery. The Halstead-Reitan consists of several measures and is used to provide data about specific deficits, the probable localization of lesions, and whether lesions appear to be of gradual or sudden onset. Although the reliability and validity of this battery have been supported, a significant disadvantage is the time required for administration.

Halstead–Reitan Neuropsychological Battery (HRNB) refers to the first Neuropsychology laboratory in the United States which was founded in 1935 by Ward Halstead at the University of Chicago. Halstead worked closely with neurosurgery patients and developed assessment devices that differentiated between patients with and without brain damage. Halstead later developed, with Ralph Reitan, the HRNB, which represented an empirical approach to the assessment of brain damage.

Hamstrings is a common name given to the group of posterior thigh muscles: biceps femoris, semi-tendinosus, and semi-membranosus.

Handedness is defined as a preference for the right or left hand in most activities; tendency to prefer using the left or right hand in writing and other activities.
Handicap is something that hampers a person; a disadvantage, a hindrance.