Glossary H

Hazing is defined as an initiation rite into a group that subjects the new member to mental or physical discomfort, harassment, embarrassment, ridicule, or humiliation.

- HBM (Health Belief Model) : HBM which is the acronym of Health Belief Model which is a major theory of health behavior that suggests that our beliefs relating to the effectiveness, ease, and consequences of doing (or not doing) a certain behavior will determine whether we do or not do that behavior.
HCI is the abbreviations of Human-computer interaction which is the application of of human factors to the design of computers and computer soft ware.

- HD (Huntington's disease) : HD is the abbreviations of Huntington's disease, a genetic, autosomal dominant progressive sub-cortical Dementia that inflicts devastating motor impairment in the form of chorea , as well as cognitive decline on adults in the prime of their lives. HD is also called Huntington's Chorea. Please see Huntington's disease.
- HDL (High-density lipoprotein) : HDL (High-density lipoprotein ) is a form of lipoprotein that confers some protection against coronary artery disease; chemicals that help keep arteries clear and break down LDLs

HDL cholesterol is the acronym of High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) , a cholesterol that is transported in the blood via high-density proteins; related to low risk of heart disease.

Head may be defined as the prominent, rounded projection of the proximal end of a bone, usually articulating, such as the humeral or femoral head.
Head parameter refers to a grammatical feature that specifies the position of the head of a phrase, noun in noun phrase, verb in verb phrase, and so on,.

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