Glossary P

Partial correlations where the relationship between two (2) variables is tested while controlling for a third variable or more.

Partial counterbalancing is a way of ordering the presentation of levels of the independent variable to minimize some of the effects of sequential confounding variables. Likewise, Partial counterbalancing is a system of counterbalancing that ensures that each treatment condition occurs first for one group of participants, second for one group, third for one group, and so on, but does not require that every possible order of treatment conditions be used.
Partial hospitalization refers to an approach in which patients receive treatment at a hospital during the day, but return home at night.

Partial pressure is the fractional part of the barometric pressure due to the presence of a single gas, like, PO2, PCO2, and PN2.
Partial reinforcement refers to a pattern in which only a portion of all responses are reinforced.

Partial reinforcement effect is the process whereby behavior that has been maintained on an intermittent or partial schedule of reinforcement extinguishes more slowly than behavior that has been maintained on a continuous schedule; responses acquired with partial reinforcement are more resistant to extinction ..

- Partial Reinforcement Extinction Effect (PREE) : Partial Reinforcement Extinction Effect (PREE) means the greater resistance to extinction exhibited for responses learned under partial rather than continuous schedules of reinforcement

Partial reinforcement schedule is a form of Behavior modification in which a behavior is rewarded or punished only some of the time

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