Glossary P

Psychotherapy refers to the treatment of mental and emotional disorders through the use of psychological techniques designed to encourage communication of conflicts and insight into problems and through talking with a therapist, with the goal being personality growth and behavior modification.

psychotic behavior refers to severe psychological disorder category characterized by hallucinations and loss of contact with reality.

Psychoticism is defined as a dimension of the human personality describing individuals who are aggressive, egocentric, and impulsive
Psychotropic means exerting a special or unique action on psychological functioning
Psychotropic medications refer to medications used in the treatment of mental health problems; medications prescribed for psychological disorders, such as depression. Likewise, Psychotropic medications refer to drugs designed to alter the mental state as treatment for individuals affected by mental illnesses, example, Resperdal is prescribed in the treatment of psychosis.

PsycInfo refers to a computerized database for searching the psychology literature for articles relevant to a research topic. PsycInfo provides abstracts or summaries for each publication. PsycInfo also refers to an online index to a large number of journals, books, and book chapters in psychology and related fields.

PT is the abbreviations of Physical therapy that refers to a rehabilitation specialty that focuses on improving motor control and physical functioning. Physical therapy is sesigned to restore or improve strength and movement in people whose mobility has been impaired by disease and injury.

Ptolemaic system is defined as the conception of the solar system that has the earth as its center. During the Middle Ages, the Ptolemaic system was widely accepted because of the following: (1) agreed with everyday experience;. (2) was able to predict and account for all astronomical phenomena known at the time;. (3) gave humans a central place in the universe; and thus agreed with the biblical account of creation.

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