Glossary S

Subarachnoid hemorrhage refers to the bleeding in the subarachnoid area of the brain due to the rupture of a blood vessel. The subarachnoid area is the space between the brain and the

Subarachnoid space refers to a space containing cerebrospinal fluid below the arachnoid membrane. Subarachnoid space refers also to small cavity that surrounds the brain.

An opinion is called Subjective, when there is a lack of agreement among judges, scorers, or observers.

Subjective norms refer to people's beliefs about how those they care about will view the behavior in question
Subjugation refers to the belief that a person must submit to the control of others, or else punishment or rejection will be forthcoming.

Sublimation refers to the channeling of unacceptable impulses into more acceptable outlets.

Subliminal is existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness, such as images or words, often sexual, that are not immediately apparent to the viewer of an advertisement, intend

Subliminal messages refer to words or pictures that are not consciously perceived but that supposedly influence people's judgments, attitudes, and behaviors

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