Glossary S

Strong Acids are acids that completely ionize when dissolved in water to generate H+ and its anion.

A Strong Base is a base (alkaline substance) that completely ionizes when dissolved in water to generate OH-and its cation.

The priority for a research diagnosis of depression is the Structural Clinical Interview for DSM Disorders (SCID), a clinical interview that uses the DSM-III-R criteria for illness.

Structured interview refers to a standardized series of assessment questions, with a pre-determined wording and order .

Structured Observation pertains to the observation of a subject (client), usually occurring in a clinic or laboratory , in which the subject (client) is given specific tasks or instructions to carry out, while researchers look for specifiic information.

Deutsch: Studie
In general the term Study refers to a systematic observation of something or somebody (observational study). This can happen in

stuttering refers to disturbance in the fluency and time patterning of speech , such as sound and syllable repetitions or prolongations

Stylistic listening refers to the listening style of a person who pays Attention mainly to the way in which words are spoke

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