Glossary V

Vertical dyad linkage theory is a term used in industrial and organizational psychology referring to a leadership theory that concentrates on the interaction between the leader and his or her subordinates.

Vertical percentage method is a term used in industrial and organizational psychology for scoring biodata in which the percentage of unsuccessful employees responding in a particular way is subtracted from the percentage of successful employees responding in the same way.

Very low birth weight refer to newborns who weigh less than 1,500 grams or 3 pounds.

Very old age refers to a stage of psychosocial development that emerges at the upper end of the life span, after one has exceeded the life expectancy for one's birth cohort.

A Vestibular is an apparatus sensory organ, consisting of three semicircular canals, that provides needed information about body position to maintain balance.

Viagra refers to a drug used in the treatment of erectile disorder ; Sildenafil.

Vicarious reinforcement refers to a form of learning in which a new behavior is acquired through the process of watching someone else receive reinforcement for the same behavior.

Victim-precipitated rape refers to a view that rape is a result of a woman "asking for it."

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