Glossary A

Acoustic shadow refers to the shadow created by the head that decreases the level of high-frequency sounds on the opposite side of the head. The acoustic shadow is the basis of the localization cue of interaural level difference .
Acoustic signal refers to the pattern of frequencies and intensities of the sound stimulus.

Acousticophobia is a kind of phobia - a morbid Fear of sound

Acquaintance (date) rape refers to forced intercourse that occurs in the context of a date or other voluntary encounter.

Acquaintance time refers to cultural norm of how much time you must spend getting to know someone before the person is prepared to do business with you

Acquiescence is the tendency to agree or to endorse a test item as true.

Acquired drive refers to the drive that is learned, not innate.

An Acquired dyslexia is a form of reading disability in a previously literate person who has sustained brain damage.

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