Glossary E

Egoistic deprivation describes individual deprivation sensed through comparisons made between one's self and others within one's own in-group, however, no sense of deprivation concerning the in-group's position in society.
Egoistic helping is when a helper seeks to increase his or her own welfare by helping another

Egoistic motivation refers to a motive for helping in Order to obtain rewards or avoid punishments.

Egoistic Suicide refers to a kind of Suicide committed by people who feel alienated from others and lack social support.

Egoistic suicide is defined as suicide undertaken when society fails to help individuals find meaning in their lives so that they usually suddenly find themselves alone or isolated; a sociological category in which suicide is said to arise from underinvolvement or underintegration of an individual from his or her society
Eidetic means marked by extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall.

Eidetic imagery refers to the ability to retain a "projected" mental image long enough to use it as a source of information.

Eidola refers to a tiny replication that some early Greek philosophers thought emanated from the surfaces of things in the environment, allowing the things to be perceived. The plural of Eidola is Eidolon.

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