Glossary G

Gulag refers to he system of forced-labor camp in the former Soviet Union. Gulag, moreover, refers to any prison or forced-labor camp, especially one for political prisoners. It also refers to a place of great hardship.

Gulosity means gluttony; greediness.

Gundygut means voracious eater; a greedy person.

Gustation is defined as the sense of taste.

Gustatory hallucination refers to a type of an Hallucination involving the the sense of taste - false sensation of taste which is usually unpleasant.

- Gustav Fritsch (1838-1927) : Gustav Fritsch discovered motor areas on the cortex by directly stimulating the exposed cortex of a dog along with Hitzig.

- Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801-1887) : Gustav Theodor Fechner expanded Weber's law by showing that, for just noticeable differences to vary arithmetically, the magnitude of a stimulus must vary geometrically.

Guttle means to eat voraciously; to devour greedily.