Glossary I

Irony refers to statements in which the intended meaning is opposite of the stated meaning

Irrational belief is defined as unreasonable views or convictions that produce emotional and behavioral problems.

Irrational Fear refers to apprehension before a threat which is non existent in reality.

Irrational love refers to a kind of love that exists in abusive relationships, one-sided relationships, or when a person has a strong physical, mental, or emotional attachment to an inanimate object.

Irrationalism refers to any explanation of human behavior stressing determinants that are not under rational control , for example, explanations that emphasize the importance of emotions or unconscious mechanisms .

Irregular or Rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep is defined as irregular sleep in which an infant’s eyes dart rapidly beneath the eyelids while the body is quite active

Irresistible impulse rule refers to legal principle stating that even a person who knowingly performs a wrongful act can be absolved of responsibility if he/she was driven by an irresistible impulse to perform the act or had a diminished capacity to resist performing the act
Irresistible impulse test refers to a standard for judging legal insanity which holds that a defendant is not guilty of a criminal offense if the person, by virtue of their mental state or psychological condition , was not able to resist committing the action in question.

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