Glossary I

Irreversibility is the lack of recognition that actions can be reversed. Irreversibility states that once a thing is dead it cannot become alive again (barring miracles).

Irreversible Systems refer to the systems that change over time and whose processes cannot be traced backwards without leaving some sort of evidence.

Irritability refers to trait of certain tissues that enables them to respond to stimuli, example, nerve and muscle Irritability, moreover is the property of muscle being sensitive or responsive to chemical, electrical, or mechanical stimuli.

Irritable Aggression (aggression directed towards an available target induced by some sort of frustration ) refers to a kind of aggression and rage directed towards an object when the aggressor is frustrated, hurt, deprived, or stressed. Resulting to one person aggressing towards objects as an acceptable outlet of the aggression. Some individuals who do not use or have available, appropriate outlets could experienced this aggression into others
- Isaac Newton (1642-1727) : Isaac Newton extended the work of Galileo by showing that the motion of all objects in the universe could be explained by his Law of gravitation. Although Newton believed in God, he believed that God's will could not be evoked as an explanation of any physical phenomenon. Newton viewed the universe as a complex machine that God had created, set in motion, and then abandoned.
ISB is the abbreviations of Incomplete Sentences Blank which refers to the best known and most widely used of the sentence completion techniques, consisting of 40 sentence stems.

Ishihara plates refer to a display of colored dots used to test for the presence of color deficiency . The dots are colored so that people with normal (trichromatic) color vision can perceive numbers in the plate, but people with color deficiency cannot perceive these numbers or perceive different numbers than someone with trichromatic vision.

Islet cells refer to the part of the pancreas that produces glucagon and insulin .

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