Glossary I

Intrinsic neuron refers to neuron whose axons and dendrites are all confined within a given structure

Intrinsic orientation is a desire to achieve in order to satisfy one’s personal needs for competence or mastery

Intrinsic punishment is punishment that is an inherent aspect of the behavior being punished.

Intrinsic reinforcement refers to the self -satisfaction that comes from problem solving or learning something. According to the Gestaltists, this feeling of satisfaction occurs because solving a problem or learning something restores one's cognitive equilibrium . Moreover, Intrinsic reinforcement is reinforcement provided by the mere act of performing the behavior ; the performance of the behavior is inherently reinforcing.

Intrinsic terms are spatial terms that refer to objects in relation to various object coordinates, such as behind the house, at the tip of the post,etc

Introduction refers to the section of a scientific paper that describes the current state of the body of knowledge; the portion of a technical paper that specifies the problem to be studied and tells why it is important. Moreover, Introduction is the first major section of a research report, which presents a logical development of the research question including a review of the relevant background literature, a statement of the research question or hypothesis, and a brief description of the methods used to answer the question or test the hypothesis.

Introitus refers to the entrance to the --->vagina.

Introject means to internalize moral standards because following them makes one feel good and reduces anxiety