Glossary I

Inversion means turning of the sole of the foot inward or medially, as in standing with the weight on the outer edge of the foot. Please see also Negation.

Inverted pyramid method refers to a step-by-step approach to case conceptualization that gives students and beginning clinicians a specific plan to identify and understand client concerns. Inverted pyramid method involves four (4) steps: problem identification ; thematic grouping; formation of theoretical inferences ; and formation of deeper theoretical inferences.

Investigation is dfined as the systematic and thorough examination and inquiry into something or someone

Investment model refers to the theory holding that people's commitment to a relationship depends on their satisfaction with the relationship in terms of rewards, costs, and comparison level; their comparison level for alternatives; and how much they have invested in the relationship that would be lost by leaving it

Investment model of close relationships according to this model, satisfaction and stability in a relationship depend on the degree to which its partners feel committed to the relationship. Commitment is determined by the balance or trade-off between the positive and negative aspects of the relationship, with the idea that people compare the value of their current relationship with the value of available alternatives

Investment theory of creativity refers to recent theory specifying that the ability to invest in innovative projects and to generate creative solutions depends on a convergence of creative resources, namely background knowledge, intellectual abilities, personality characteristics, motivation, and environmental support/encouragement.

Investments is a term In Rusbult's Investment model which refer to tangible and intangible things one has put into a relationship that would be lost if the relationship were dissolved. Investments are things that people contribute to a relationship that they can't get back if the relationship ends.

Invisible disabilities are hidden neurological conditions that present significant challenges to learning , interacting with others, regulating mood and thinking patterns and to otherwise experiencing a fulfilling lifestyle .

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