Glossary I

Invisible support is when one receives help from another, but is unaware of it; support that is most likely to benefit a person.

Involuntary commitment is defined as hospitalization that occurs against the will of the individual.
Involuntary manslaughter is defined as homicide in which the perpetrator unintentionally but recklessly causes the death of another person by consciously taking a grave risk that endangers the person's life.

Involvement is defined as an individual's participation in conventional activities.
Ion is defined as a single atom or small molecule containing a net positive or negative charge due to an excess of either protons or electrons, respectively (example., Na+, Cl-); atom that has gained or lost one or more electrons

Ion channels are tiny openings through the axon membrane.

Ionic bond refers to chemical attraction between two (2) ions of opposite charge

Ionotropic effect refers to synaptic effect that depends on the rapid opening of some kind of gate in the membrane

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