Glossary I

Item analysis refers to an assessment of whether each of the items included in a composite measure makes an independent contribution or merely duplicates the contribution of other items in the measure. Moreover, Item analysis is a set of methods used to evaluate test items. The most common techniques involve assessment of item difficulty and item discriminability .

Item characteristic curve refers to a graph prepared as part of the process of Item analysis . One graph is prepared for each test item and shows the total test score on the X axis and the proportion of test takers passing the item on the Y axis.
Item homogeneity refers to the extent to which test items measure the same construct .

Item stability refers to the extent to which responses to the same test items are consistent analyzed.

Items are questions or problems on an assessment instrument. --->Item.

IVF is the abbreviations of In vitro fertilization , a a procedure in which a woman"s ova are removed from her body, fertilized with sperm in a laboratory , and then surgically implant