Glossary J

Jumping to Conclusions means drawing hasty and unwarranted conclusions

Jurisdictional ambiguity refers to conflict caused by a disagreement about geographical territory or lines of authority.

Jury selection is dfined as a process in which Attorneys for the prosecution and defense choose jurors for a case from a larger pool of possible jurors. Forensic Ssychologists may be consulted to assist Attorneys with jury selection.

Jury shadowing is defined as the process of hiring individuals similar to those who are serving on a given jury and monitoring their reactions to the testimony as it is presented at the trial. The reactions of the shadow jurors are used to anticipate the reactions of the actual jurors and may serve as the basis for a shift in courtroom strategy.
Just deserts refer to the notion that criminal offenders deserve the punishment they receive at the hands of the law, and that punishments should be appropriate to the type and severity of crime committed. Just deserts, moreover is a philosophy of justice which asserts that the punishment should fit the crime and culpability of the offender. Please see also Retribution .

Just noticeable difference (JND) refers to the sensation that results if a change in stimulus intensity exceeds the differential threshold; any noticeable difference in a stimulus. Just noticeable difference (JND) is a term coined by Fechner that refers to the internal sensation evoked by one difference threshold and the basic unit defining an internal psychological scale. Please see also Differential threshold.

Just world theory refers to a model proposing that humans need to believe that the world is a fair place where people generally get what they deserve

Just-world beliefs refer to beliefs that people generally get what they deserve.

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