Glossary J

Judgmental heuristics refer to mental shortcuts people use to make judgments quickly and efficiently

Judgmental sampling is defined as sampling of opinionated people. Please see also Purposive sampling.

Judgmental task refers to a project, problem, or other type of task with results that cannot be evaluated objectively because there are no clear criteria to judge them against.

Judicial bypass option refers to abortion legislation that allows for a judge to bypass parental consent or notification for a minor to acquire an abortion.
Judicial Notice is defined as "facts which do not need to be proven, facts accepted by the judge"

- Julien de la Mettrie (1709 - 1751) : Julien de la Mettrie believed humans were machines that differed from other animals only in complexity. La Mettrie believed that so-called mental experiences are nothing but movements of particles in the brain. He also believed that accepting materialism would result in a better, more humane world.
Jumping to Conclusions means drawing hasty and unwarranted conclusions

In the context of psychology, junction refers to the intersection of multiple cognitive processes or mental representations. The concept of junction is closely related to the idea of mental integration, which refers to the way in which different aspects of cognition are combined to form a unified understanding of the world.

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