Glossary J

Joint capsule is defined as sleevelike covering of ligamentous tissue surrounding diarthrodial joints.

Joint cavity refers to the area inside the joint capsule of diarthrodial or synovial joints.

Joint contractures is defined as abnormal shortening of the elastic tissue of a joint resulting in distortion or deformity.

Joint custody is defined as an arrangement in which both parents share in the custody of a child following divorce. Many "joint custody" arrangements are determined informally by the parents; formal court orders tend to be issued only in cases where the parties could arrive at no satisfactory agreement on their own; when both parents retain legal custody of their children following divorce

Joint Terrorism Task Force concept refers to the combination of resources of various federal agencies

Jonah complex is a term according to Maslow is the fear of one's own potential greatness. Jonah complex, moreover is defined as the fear that maximizing our potential will lead to a situation with which we will be unable to cope.
- Josef Breuer (1842-1925) : Josef Breuer the person Freud credited with the founding of Psychoanalysis . Breuer discovered that when the memory of a traumatic event is recalled under deep relaxation or hypnosis , there is a release of emotional energy (catharsis ) and the symptoms caused by the repressed memory are relieved.

- Joseph Babinski (1857–1932) : Joseph Babinski refers to the founder of British Neurology.

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