Glossary J

Just-world phenomenon is the tendency of people to believe the world is just and that people therefore get what they deserve and deserve what they get.
Just-world phenomenon/hypothesissis refers to the notion that many people need to believe that the world is fair and that justice is served; that bad people are punished and good people rewarded..

Justice moral perspective emphasizes the rights of the individual; equitable rules of justice must prevail.
Justice of the peace refers to an untrained man, often of the lower nobility, who was assigned to investigate and try minor cases which was originally established in 1326. Presently,Justice of the peace is a judge of a lower local or municipal court with limited jurisdiction.

Justice orientation refers to moral decision making based on human rights, respect for others, and fairness.

Justifiable homicide is defined as a homicide, permitted by law, in defense of a legal right or mandate.

Justification of effort refers to the tendency for individuals to increase their liking for something they have worked hard to attain
juvenile delinquency is a broad term used to describe children who have broken a law, anything from sneaking into a movie without a ticket to homicide.

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