Glossary J

Deutsch: Job in allgemeiner Skala / Español: Trabajo en Escala General / Português: Trabalho na Escala Geral / Français: Emploi en Échelle Générale / Italiano: Lavoro in Scala Generale /

Job in General Scale is defined as a measure of the overall level of job satisfaction.

Job knowledge test is defined as a test that measures the amount of job-related knowledge an applicant possesses.

Job participation refers to a job analysis method in which the job analyst actually performs the job being analyzed.
Job rotation is defined as a system in which employees are given the opportunity to perform several different jobs in an organization.
Job satisfaction is defined as the degree to which a person is comfortable with or satisfied with his or her work; the attitude employees have toward their jobs; the positive feeling that results from an appraisal of one’s work
Job sharing refers to a work schedule in which two (2) employees share one job by splitting the work hours.

Job specifications is a relatively dated term that refers to the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to successfully perform a job. "Competencies" is the term that is commonly use

Job Structure Profile refers to a revised version of the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) designed to be used more by the job analyst than by the job incumbent.