Glossary L

Landolt C refers to a way of measuring visual acuity, in which the gap of the C is varied and the observer determines when the gap is no longer visible.

Language is a means to communicate messages, verbally or non-verbally.

Language about death refers to speech about topics like death, dying, and bereavement.

Language acquisition refers to the process by which a cognitive processor comes to develop linguistic competence and performance.
- Language acquisition device : Language Acquisition device refers to an innate knowledge of grammatical structure.

- Language acquisition support system : Language acquisition support system or LASS refers to the idea proposed by Bruner that adults and older children have learning devices that interact with children's Language acquisition devices (LAD ).

Language age refers to language abilities typically associated (via standardized, normed tests) with the demonstrated level of ability at that chronological age.

Deutsch: Sprache und Kommunikation / Español: Lenguaje y Comunicación / Português: Linguagem e Comunicação / Français: Langue et Communication / Italiano: Lingua e Comunicazione

Language and Communication in psychology refer to the study of how humans use language to convey information, emotions, and intentions, and how this process affects and is affected by cognitive and social factors. It encompasses the development, acquisition, and use of language, as well as nonverbal communication and the influence of culture on communication.