Glossary L

Laryngeal is defined as the system of muscles that determines whether a speech sound is voiced or voiceless.

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is defined as a process in which the cornea is sculpted with a laser in order to achieve clear vision by adjusting the focusing power of the cornea so it focuses light onto the retina.

LASS is the abbreviations of Language acquisition support system, the idea proposed by Bruner that adults and older children have learning devices that interact with children's Language acquisition devices (LAD ).
Lassitude means weariness; listlessness; lethargy.

Latchkey children refer to children who carry their own key and let themselves into their homes. These children generally hold their own key because both of their parents are out of home, usually at work

Late adolescence refers to a a period dominated by the goal of achieving intimacy and commitment, and the conflict of closeness versus distance

Late adulthood is an alternative phrase for "Older adulthood".

Late onset refers to the presentation of a disorder or syndrome beginning after the expected age of onset.