Glossary L

Lactate threshold refers to a point during a graded exercise test when the blood lactate concentration increases abruptly.
Lactational amenorrhea method or LAM refers to a method of avoiding pregnancies based on the postpartum infertility that many women experience when they are breast-feeding.

Lactic acid refers to an end-product of glucose metabolism in the glycolytic pathway; formed in conditions of inadequate oxygen and in muscle fibers with few mitochondria.
Lactobacillus refers to bacterium in the vagina that helps maintain appropriate pH levels.

Lactose refers to the sugar in milk.

LAD is the abbreviations of Language acquisition device that refers to Chomsky’s term for the innate knowledge of grammar that humans were said to possess-knowledge that might enable young children to infer the rules governing others’ speech and to use these rules to produce language. In psycholinguistic theory, LAD is a neural "prewiring" that facilitates the child's learning of grammar.

- LAD (Language-Acquisition Device) : LAD is the acronym of Language-Acquisition Device which is defined as a biologically innate mechanism that facilitates language acquisition
Laissez faire refers to a policy of letting people do as they please; permissive.