Glossary L

LAM is the abbreviations of Lactational amenorrhea method which refers to a method of avoiding pregnancies based on the postpartum infertility that many women experience when they are breast-feeding.
Lamarckian evolution refers to a discredited theory that evolution proceeds through the inheritance of acquired characteristics.

Lamaze method refers to a childbirth method in which women are educated about childbirth, learn to relax and breathe in patterns that conserve energy and lessen pain, and have a coach which is often the would-be father or the husband who is present during childbirth. Lamaze method is also called prepared childbirth.

Lambert and Cattani-Thompson conducted research that showed effectiveness of counseling.

Lambert and Ogles conducted research that showed effectiveness of counseling.

Lamina refers to layer of cell bodies parallel to the surface of the cortex and separated from other laminae by layers of fibers..

Laminaria refers to seaweed which is used in second-trimester abortion procedures to dilate the cervix. Laminaria is used dried, it can swell three to five times its original diameter.

Landmark discrimination problem refers to the behavioral task used in Ungerleider and Mishkin’s experiment in which they provided evidence for the dorsal, or where, visual processing stream. Monkeys were required to respond to a previously indicated location.