Glossary L

Labeling theory refers to a theory that explains deviance in terms of the process by which a person acquires a negative identity, such as "addict" or "ex-convict," and is forced to suffer the consequences of outcast status.

Deutsch: Schamlippe / Español: Labios / Português:Lábios / Français: Lèvre vaginale

Labia refers to the major and minor lips of the female genitalia.

Labor refers to the period of involuntary contractions of the uterine muscles that occurs prior to giving birth.

Labor force refers to all people who are employed as well as those who are currently unemployed but are looking for work.
Laboratory refers to a research setting devoted to scientific study or reasearch which can be any room or space where the experimenter has control over the kind of events that occur and the sequence in which they occur.

Lacerations refers to cuts, tears,, or ruptures. Lacerations of brain tissue may occur when the skull has been breached by a bullet or other object.
Lack of invariance refers to the fact that there is no one-to-one correspondence between speech cues and perception.
Lactase refers to enzyme necessary for lactose metabolism.