Glossary L

Latent dream is a term in Freud's theory that refers to the underlying or "true" meaning of a dream

Latent dream content is defined as the hidden or symbolic meaning of a dream, as revealed by dream interpretation and analysis.

Latent extinction refers to the finding that animals who passively experience a goal box no longer containing reinforcement extinguish a previously learned response to that goal box significantly faster than animals without such experience.

Latent inhibition refers to the phenomenon whereby a familiar stimulus is more difficult to condition as a CS than is an unfamiliar/novel stimulus.

Latent Investigation is defined as an investigation involving all aspect of the investigative process.

Latent learning is learning that occurs without obvious reinforcement and that remains unexpressed until reinforcement is provided. It is learning that occurs in the absence of any observable demonstration of learning and only becomes apparent under a different set of conditions. According to Tolman, Latent learning is learning that has occurred but is not translated into behavior.
Latent syphilis refers to the third stage of syphilis, which may last for years, during which symptoms disappear although the person is still infected.

Later adolescence refers to the period of psychosocial development that begins around the time of graduation from high school and ends in the early 20's.