Glossary M

Marital stability is defined as the status of a marriage, as in continuing versus ended in separation or divorce
- Marquis de Puysegur (1751 to 1825) : Marquis de Puysegur found that placing patients in a sleeplike trance was as effective in alleviating ailments as was Mesmer's approach, which necessitated a crisis . He also discovered a nu

Marriage is defined as the legally and socially sanctioned union of sexually intimate adults; a legal contract with certain rights and obligations.

Marriage Therapy refers to a form of treatment in which a therapist treats both husband and wife or life partners and the partnership as a whole.
Married singles refer to middle-aged couples that have grown apart emotionally but continue to live together

- Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) : Marsilio Ficino is the founder of a Platonic academy in 1462 and sought to do for Plato's philosophy what the Scholastics had done for Aristotle's.

Martin Heidegger contributed on writings on death, Dasein, and authenticity influenced existential psychological thought

- Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) : Martin Heidegger expanded Husserl's Phenomenology to include an examination of the totality of human existence.

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