Glossary M

Myofibrils refers to the portion of the muscle containing the thick and thin contractile filaments; a series of sarcomeres where the repeating pattern of the contractile proteins gives the striated appearance to skeletal muscle.

Myoglobin is protein in muscle that can bind oxygen and release it at low PO2 values. Myoglobin aids in diffusion of oxygen from capillary to mitochondria.
Myopia may be defined as a fatty layer coating some axons.. Myopia is also defined as an inability to see distant objects clearly. Myopia is also called Nearsightedness.
Myosin refers to contractile protein in the thick filament of a myofibril that contains the cross-bridge that can bind actin and split ATP to cause tension development.
Myotome is defined as a muscle or group of muscles supplied by a specific spinal nerve.
Myotonia is a term in the sexual response cycle that refers to a muscular tension in the body, which culminates in contractions during orgasm . Moreover, Myotonia is the involuntary contractions of the muscles.

Myotonia congenital refers to a nonprogressive muscle disorder that develops from infancy to childhood.

Myotonic dystrophy refers to a slowly progressing disease that onsets anytime from childhood through middle age.

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