Glossary M

Mystery religions refers to ancient religions/cults which were characterized by secret rites of initiation; ceremonies designed to bring initiates closer to a deity or deities, to symbolize death and rebirth, to offer purification and forgiveness of sins, and to cause the exaltation of a new life; the confession of sin; and a strong feeling of community among members.
Mystery Shoppers refers to undercover agents posing as shoppers to detect theft

Myuoclonus is defined as an unintentional twitching or tightening of a muscle

MZ twins also known as Monozygotic twins are identical twins , who develop from a single fertilized egg that divides into two (2) embryos. See also Dizygotic twins; identical twins, or twins that share 100% of their genetic material. Twins that derive from a single zygote that has split into two (2) identical twins. Each MZ twin carries the same genetic code. Please see also Monozygotic (identical) twins and Monozygotic (MZ) twins

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