Glossary N

Nontraditional relationships refer to any relationships other than a monogamous, legal marriage between a man and a woman
Nonverbal behavior are actions and cues that communicate meaning in ways other than by words

Nonverbal communication is defined as communication that occurs through facial expressions, kinesic cues, paralinguistic cues, and proxemic cues.

Nonverbal leakage refers to the revelation of deception through behaviors that are difficult to control , example is auditory cues such as speech hesitations, vocal pitch, and speech errors
- Nonverbal learning disabilities: Nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) refer to learning disabilities characterized by deficits related to right-hemisphere brain functioning, such as problems in social skills , spatial orientation, and problem solving.
Nonverbal sensitivity refers to the ability to accurately encode (express) and decode (understand) nonverbal cues.

Nonvoluntary euthanasia refers to euthanasia performed when the wishes of the person who dies are unknown

Noradrenaline is aa neurotransmitter that is sometimes present in abnormal quantities in depression

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