Glossary N

Normal-pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) refers to a neurologic condition which involves ventricular enlargement in the absence of elevated intracranial pressure. Most frequently evident in older adults and characterized by a triad of progressive neurologic signs, such as postural imbalance, Dementia, and urinary incontinence
Normalisation refers to a policy that enables someone with a physical or mental Disability to live as full a life as possible and to have access to all public services.

- Norman Geschwind (1926–1984) : Norman Geschwind is the American neurologist who proposed that behavioral disturbances were based on the destruction of specific brain pathways that he called "Disconnections."
Normative age-graded influences are experiences caused by biological, psychological, and socio-cultural forces that are closely related to a person’s age.

Normative beliefs what a person thinks others think about the behavior in question.

Normative commitment refers to the extent to which employees feel an obligation to remain with an organization.

Normative conformity refers to the tendency to go along with the group in order to fulfill their expectations and gain acceptance
Normative data are which compare the patient's score on a test to an expected score, or norm. The expected test score is determined from the performance of a normative sample of patients and control subjects.

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