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Nonprobability sampling refers to any technique in which samples are selected in some way not suggested by probability theory. Examples include reliance on available subjects as well as purposive (judgmental), quota, and snowball sampling. Nonprobability sampling, moreover is a method of sampling in which the population is not completely known, individual probabilities cannot be known, and the selection is based on factors such as common sense or ease with an effort to maintain representativeness and avoid bias.

Nonpurging type refers to a form of Bulimia Nervosa in which individuals compensate for what they eat by fasting or engaging in excessive exercise.

Nonreduplicated babbling is defined as babbling which contains sequences of different syllables as opposed to repetition of the same syllable over and over, as in reduplicated babbling.

Nonrepresentative sample refers to a subgroup that differs in important ways from the larger group or population to which it belongs
Nonresponse bias is the distortion of survey results due to the differential rate of responding by various subgroups. In survey research involving mailed surveys, individuals who return the survey are not usually representative of the entire group who received the survey. Nonresponse bias is a threat to external validity .
Nonsampling errors are errors that occur during the measuring or data collection process. Nonsampling errors can yield biased results when most of the errors distort the results in the same direction. Unfortunately, the full extent of Nonsampling error is unknown. Decennial censuses traditionally have experienced Nonsampling errors, most notable undercount, resulting from people being missed in the enumeration processes

Nonsense syllables refers to three-letter combinations, that is two (2) consonants separated by a vowel that has no meaning, for example, consonant-vowel-consonant trigams like JOK, SUG, YUN that do not have meaning in the English language.

Nonshared environment refer to the aspects of an individual's environment that are unique to that individual, not shared by a sibling, for instance.

Nonshared environment is also s

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