Glossary N

- Nonshared environmental influence (NSE) : Nonshared environmental influence refers to an environmental influence that people living together do not share that should make these individuals different from one another.

Nonshared en

Nonsocial activity onlooker behavior and solitary play . Please see also Nonsocal play

Nonsocial group refers to a group in which two (2) or more people are in the same place at the same time but are not interacting with each other, example are fans at a baseball game and people attending a concert
Nonspecific factors refer to factors that are not specific to any particular therapy orientation yet contribute to a positive treatment outcome, example is the expectation that one will improve.
Nonspecific immune mechanisms refer to set of responses to infection or a disorder that is engaged by the presence of a biological invader.
Nonstandardized assessment refers to an assessment approach intended to assess a single group of pupils, such as a class.
Nonstimulants refer to medicines that help people with ADHD.

Nontaster is defined as a person who cannot taste the compound phenylthiocarbamide (PTC).

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