Glossary N

Norepinephrine refers to Neurotransmitter active in the central and peripheral nervous systems , controlling heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration, among other functions . Because of the role of Norepinephrine in the body’s alarm reaction, it may also contribute generally and indirectly to panic attacks and other disorders. Norepinephrine is also known as Noradrenaline.
Norm is defined as a widely accepted , but usually unspoken standard of conduct for appropriate behavior.

A Norm group is a group of people who were tested to produce the norms for a test. These tests are very expensive and for important tests (like the IQ-tests) the tests (questions and much more the answers) are kept "top secret".

Norm of obedience is the principle that humans should obey legitimate authorities

Norm of reciprocity refers to the assumption that others will treat us the way we treat them, example: if we help someone, he/she will help us. Norm of reciprocity, moreover, is the notion that it is acceptable and justifiable to treat someone else in the way they have treated you. It is a social standard that enjoins individuals to pay back in kind what they receive from others; the principle that we should give back in return any favors that are done for us; the cultural norm that you are obligated to return in full value what you receive.

Norm of social responsibility refers to the cultural expectation that help should be given to those in need of help.

Norm-referenced grading determining the quality of a pupil's performance by comparing it to the performance of other pupils.

Norm-referenced test refers to a test that evaluates each individual relative to a normative group.

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