Glossary N

Novelty effect refers to a threat to external validity that occurs when individuals participating in a research study - a novel situation perceive and respond differently than they would in the normal, real world.
Novelty-seeking refers to the tendency to seek out and enjoy novel, and sometimes risky, experiences.

NREM Sleep is the abbreviations of Non-rapid eye movement sleep which is a type of sleep that is divided into four stages. Usually about 75\% of the night is spent in NREM Sleep. Non

NSE is the abbreviations of Nonshared environmental influence, an environmental influence that people living together do not share and that should make these individuals different fro

NTP test is the abbreviations of Nocturnal penile tumescence test which refers to a study performed to evaluate erections during sleep that helps clarify the causes of erectile dysf

Nuclear family is defined as a family consisting of a husband and wife and their children; a household grouping that includes the mother, father, and their children. Nuclear family is the most common form of family in Western societies, consisting only of parent(s) and child(ren)
Nuclear transplantation refers to a procedure in which the nucleus of an egg cell, which contains its DNA, is removed and replaced with the DNA from an adult cell.

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