Glossary N

Need to affiliate refers to the desire to associate with other people.

Need to belong refers to a motivation to bond with others in relationships that provide ongoing, positive interactions .
Need-directed perception is perception whose purpose is to locate things in the environment that will satisfy a need. Need-directed perception is also called Deficiency perception or D-perception.
Needs analysis refers to the process of determining the training needs of an organization.

Negation (inversion) is a form of Piagetian reversibility such that any operation can always be negated, or inverted.
Negative affectivity refers to a persistent negative mood evidenced by nervousness, sadness, anger, and guilt.
Negative after-potential refers to a drop in electrical charge below the resting potential.

Negative afterimage is opposite in brightness and complementary in color to the visual stimulus. Contrast with Positive afterimage

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