Glossary R

A Response is any muscular action, glandular activity, or other identifiable aspect of behavior.

Other definition:

The answer choices given for a matching item is called a Response.

- Response chaining : Response chaining refers to the assembly of separate responses into a series of actions that lead to reinforcement .
Response compression is the result when doubling the physical intensity of a stimulus less than doubles the subjective magnitude of the stimulus.

- Response prevention : response prevention refers to a procedure used in the treatment of anxiety that prevents the child from engaging in escape or avoidance behaviors. Responce prevention procedure is usually used in conjunction with flooding .

Response-cost procedures refers to a technique for managing a subject"s Behavior that involves the loss of reinforcers such as privileges, activities, points, or tokens in response t

Ressentiment is defined as a feeling of resentment and hostility accompanied by the lack of means to express or act upon it.
Restoration-oriented processes is one of the two (2) complementary sets of coping processes in mourning that include attending to life changes, doing new things and avoiding or distractiing oneself from grief , new roles, identities and realtionships
Restricting refers to a type of anorexia where the individual uses dieting, fasting, or excessive exercise to lose or avoid gaining weight. During the current episode of anorexia, the person has not engaged in binge-eating or purging behavior.

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