Glossary R

Relationship superiority bias refers to a tendency to assume that one's own romantic relationship is better than other people's.
Relationship-enhancing style of attribution refers to the tendency of happy couples to attribute their partner’s good acts to internal factors and bad acts to external factors.

Relationship-oriented leader refers to a leader who is concerned primarily with the feelings of and relationships between the workers.

Relative deprivation refers to the perception that you (or your group) have less than you deserve, less than you have been led to expect, or less than people similar to you have

Deutsch: Entspannung / Español: Relajación / Português: Relaxamento / Français: Relaxation / Italiano: Rilassamento

Relaxation is a state of lowered anxiety, stress, and physiological arousal. Relaxation may be induced in a number of ways, and it appears to be effective in the treatment of a number of health concerns.

Relaxation in the psychology context refers to the process of reducing tension and stress, both physically and mentally, to achieve a state of increased calmness and tranquility. This psychological and physiological state is crucial for maintaining overall well-being and health.

relaxation response refer to active components of meditation methods , including repetitive thoughts of a sound to reduce distracting thoughts and closing the mind to other intruding thoughts, that decrease the flow of stress hormones and neurotransmitters and cause a feeling of calm.

Relaxation training refers to a behavioral technique used in the treatment of anxiety disorders that involves progressive and systematic patterns of muscle tensing and relaxing.

Releasing in the context of psychology refers to the process or act of letting go, freeing oneself from emotional or psychological burdens, or relinquishing negative thoughts and feelings. It encompasses various therapeutic techniques and methods aimed at facilitating emotional release and achieving a state of emotional well-being and psychological balance.