Glossary R

Relational research refers to a research that tries to determine how two (2) or more variables are related.

Relational resilience is growing in a relationship and being able to move forward despite setbacks. Resilience also concerns recognizing when relationships are not mutual and moving on from them.

Relational responses refer to comments on issues that arise in the therapeutic hour which reflect the therapist-patient relationship, rather than just making transference and countertransference interpretations .

Relational self -worth is the feelings of self-worth and self-esteem within a particular relationship context , for example, relationship with parents, or with female officemate which may differ across relationship contexts.

Relational shift is a term in analogical reasoning that refers to the proposal that there is in development a shift from focusing on perceptual similarity to relational similarity to solve problems.

Relational-organizational hypothesis refers to the idea that visual imagery aids memory by producing a greater number of associations.

Relationality refers to the degree to which one's values, attitudes, and outlooks emphasize, and facilitate establishing and maintaining, connections to others.

Relationship building refers to the manner in which clinicians brings themselves into the counseling relationship and relate with the client. Gelso and Carter state that this working alliance exist throughout the stages of the counseling relationship, regardless of whether it is explicitly acknowledged by the counselor and the client. One of the eight critical attitudes.

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