Glossary R

relaxation response refer to active components of meditation methods , including repetitive thoughts of a sound to reduce distracting thoughts and closing the mind to other intruding thoughts, that decrease the flow of stress hormones and neurotransmitters and cause a feeling of calm.

Relaxation training refers to a behavioral technique used in the treatment of anxiety disorders that involves progressive and systematic patterns of muscle tensing and relaxing.

Reliability refers to the extent wherein the result of an experiment is consistent or repeatable.

- René Descartes (French, 1596–1650) : René Descartes is a French scientist/philosopher who proposed a strict split or schism between mental processes and physical abilities. Descartes hypothesized that the mind and body are separate, but interact with each other. He believed that much human behavior can be explained in mechanical terms, that the mind and the body are separate but interacting entities and that the mind contains innate ideas . With Descartes began comparative-physiological Psychology, stimulus-response Psychology, Phenomenology , and a debate over whether innate ideas exist. Descartes also focused attention on the nature of the relationship between the mind and the body. René Descartes is famous for his exclamation, "I think therefore I am" - Ergo summa cogito. He strengthened the Greek idea about the separation of the mind from the body.
repeated measurement is when responses are measured on more than two (2) occasions, not just before and after intervention, to assess trends .

Repertory grid also known as Kelly Grid refers to a technique drawn from Personal Construct Psychology devised by psychologist George Kelly which is used to understand the way in which an individual employs his/her own experience in order to make sense of the world. Please see Kelly Grid.
Repine means to feel discontent; to fret. Also to yearn for something.

Representational Play refers to pretend play which emerges when a child begins to use familiar objects in appropriate ways to represent their world , an example is a cooking gas toy where a food is being cooked .

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