Glossary T

Triiodothyronine refers to a hormone secreted from the Thyroid gland containing three iodine atoms (T3). Triiodothyronine stimulates the metabolic rate and facilitates the actions of

Trimester refers to a term of three (3) months; a term often used to describe stages of pregnancies that usually consist of three (3) trimesters.

Trios ist the name of psychologist James Jones's theory that the residual influences and harsh experiences of slavery surface in some African-Americans' conceptions of time, rhythm, improvisation, speech, and spirituality.

Triphasil pill refers to a type of multiphasic oral contraceptive with three (3) types of pills, each of which contains a different hormonal dosage.

Triple X syndrome refers to a genetic abnormality in which a female has an extra X sex chromosome ; characterized by decreased fertility, some genital abnormality, and slight mental r

Triskaidekaphobia refers to the fear of the number 13. It's one more than the dozen which leaves one unlucky one out if you divide something in groups of two, three, four, or six. It's

Tritanopia refers to a form of dichromatism Thought to be caused by a lack of the short-wavelength cone pigment.

Troilism means three (3) people having sex together; any sex sessions involving multiple partners, typically witnessed by others.

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