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Tribute refers to a gift, testimonial, compliment, establishment of a public monument, or good works in the name of a deceased person given in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem.

Trichomoniasis refers to a vaginal infection that may result in discomfort, discharge, and inflammation. Trichomoniasis  is a form of vaginitis causing a frothy white or yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor.

Trichotillomania refers to an impulse-control disorder involving the compulsive, persistent urge to pull out one's own hair. In Trichotillomania, the individual has a strong urge

Trichromat refers to a person with normal color vision. Trichromats can match any wavelength in the spectrum by mixing three (3) other wavelengths in various proportions.

Trichromatic (Young-Helmholtz) Theory refers to a Theory that we perceive color through the relative rates of response by three (3) kinds of cones , with each kind maximally sensitive to a di

Trichromatic Theory refers to the Theory of color vision based on three (3) cone types: red, green, and blue.

- Trichromatic theory of color vision : Trichromatic Theory of color vision is a Theory proposing that our perception of color is determined by the ratio of activity in three (3) receptor mechanisms with different spectral

Trick is a slang term that refers to the sexual services of a prostitute ; also may refer to a john.

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