Glossary T

Traumatic stresses refer to extreme events that cause psychological injury or intense emotional pain.

Travel Advisories refers to an advisory by the government of countries not to visit

Travel Warnings refer to the warning by the government regarding dangerous situations affecting travelers
Traveling wave is the vibration of the basilar membrane in which the peak of the vibration travels from the base of the membrane to its apex in the auditory system

Deutsch: Behandlung / Español: Tratamiento / Português: Tratamento / Français: Traitement / Italiano: Trattamento /

Treatment refer to corrective actions that will permit successful adaptation by eliminating or reducing the impact of an undesired outcome that has already occurred; the method introduced to modify the rate of a behavior Moreover, Treatment are planned activities designed to change some pattern of behavior(s) of individuals or their families. In an experiment, Treatment is a condition received by subjects so that its effects may be observed.

Treatment effectiveness refers to the degree to which a treatment can be shown to work in actual clinical practice, as opposed to controlled laboratory conditions.

Treatment efficacy refers to the degree to which a treatment can produce changes under well-controlled conditions that depart from those typically used in clinical practice.

Treatment plan refers to a written document that outlines the frequency and types of the long-term care services that a patient receives. It may include treatment goals for a specified time period.

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