Glossary T

Tremor refers to involuntary shaking, usually of a limb, tremors may be resting or occur with intentional movement.

Tremulous is an adjective which means trembling; timid; nervous. Tremulous is from the Latin tremere which means "to tremble"

Trend refers to the general direction in which the attitudes, interests, behaviors and actions of a large segment of a population change over time, including fashion trends, fads, and

Trepanation refers to the technique of chipping or drilling holes in a person's skull, presumably used by primitive humans to allow evil spirits to escape .

Trephining refers to the drilling of a hole in the skull, presumably as a way of treating psychological disorders during pr

Trepid means fearful or timid.

Triadic reciprocality refers to the idea that Behavior is determined through the interaction of behavioral, cognitive , and environmental or situational variables.

Trials to criterion refer to the number of study and test trials needed to recall material perfectly.

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