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Triangling is when an employee discusses a Conflict with a third-party such as a friend or supervisor. In doing so, the employee hopes that the third party will talk to the second par

Triangular theory of love refers to the idea that different kinds of love consist of varying degrees of three components: intimacy, passion, and commitment

Triangulation refers to:

1. A process in which two (2) people who are in Conflict involve a third person in Order to reduce the tension in the relationship between the original two (2) pe

Triarchic means "governed by three (3)". Descriptive of Robert Sternberg's view that intellectual functioning has three (3) aspects: analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and pract

Triarchic Model of Human Intelligence refers to a belief that intelligence comprises three (3) aspects, dealing with the relation of intelligence (1) to the internal world of the person, (2)

Triarchic Model of Intelligence refers to Sternberg's concept that intelligence is divided into contextual, experiential, and componential subcomponents (See Componential intelligence, Contextual intelligence, Experiential intelligence; and also Multidimensional Conception of Intelligence.

Triarchic Theory refers to Sternberg's Theory that describes intelligence in terms of three subtheories: contextual, experiential, and componential. (See Triarchic Model of Intelligence; Tri

Tribadism refers to the rubbing genitals together with another person for sexual pleasure.

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