Glossary T

Tu quoque refers to the retort accusing one's accuser of the same offense . Tu quoque is from the Latin word which literally means " thou also"
Tutorial training refers to a a traditional approach in which the teacher imparts knowledge to fairly passive students.

Tween refers to a youngster between middle childhood and adolescence , often between 8 and 12 years.

twenty-four-hour recall is a technique of recording the type and amount of food (nutrients) consumed during a twenty-four-hour period.

Twin Studies is type of genetic studies in which researchers examine trait similarities between identical and fraternal twin pairs to figure out whether that trait might be inherited.

twin study is a term in Genetics research which refers to the comparison of twins with unrelated or less closely related individuals. If twins, particularly monozygotic twins who share identical genotypes , share common characteristics such as a disorder, even if they were reared in different environments, then strong evidence of genetic involvement in those characteristics exists.

In the psychological and medical area the term twitch describes the tension-generating response following the application of a single stimulus to muscle.

Two-Factor Theory refers to a Theory that is used to explain the learning and Maintenance of fears through a combination of classical and operant conditioning.

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